Northumbrian Smallpiper

“Now tell me about your interesting contraption...”

Alice Robinson (née Burn) is a Northumbrian piper from a farm in North Northumberland. Her love of the pipes and the music of the North East has offered her a wealth of performance opportunities and a chance to answer many interesting questions about her pipes—including the one above, posed by an elderly lady.

Having worked with the talented North East clarsach player Emily Hoile, Alice has performed live on Radio 3 and Radio 4, she played at the first Folk Prom at the Royal Albert Hall and was a Radio 2 Young Folk Award Finalist. Emily and Alice released their first CD in February 2012.

Alice’s music has it’s roots firmly in the Northumberland of her rural home—but with fresh, new interpretations, helping more people discover the unique sound of the ‘interesting contraption’.

Alice has a First Class BA(Hons), music, from the University of York and a Masters in Musicology from Durham University.