Northumbrian Smallpiper

Emily & Alice
Emily Hoile on Clarsach & Alice Robinson (née Burn) on Northumbrian Smallpipes Emily studied pedal harp at Juilliard (New York) and Alice was a music student at the University of York when this EP was recorded. It was recorded ‘as live’ 2 days before Emily returned to America in August 2011. It gives a taste of their very fresh and innovative approach to the Northumbrian tradition.

Track list:

  1. The Wild Hills o’ Wannies/Mr Preston’s Hornpipe (5:23)
  2. Emily’s Waltz/The North Star (4:41) (E. Hoile/B. Finnegan)
  3. The First of May Set (4.31)
  4. Old Whittingham Fair/The Random Juig (5:41)
  5. The Boreal Owl / Trip to Brittany/Valley of The Moon (4:15) (P. Cranford M. McGoldrick/A. Fraser

Total Playing Time: 24m 44s

To purchase this EP please send a cheque of £5 plus £2 postage made payable to Alice Robinson.

Hunting Hall, Beal, Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland TD15 2TP

For further information please contact Alice.